Friday, January 29, 2010

The Truth of News

Back when I was in film school, I did a couple of internships in local news in San Diego. Funny for a film major, I know, but San Diego isn't LA and those were my options if I wanted to be home for the summer.

I learned a lot those two summers. I learned that production and and news crews are pretty fun, the news floor is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting, and that I never wanted to work in news. Ever. To this day, I can't watch a reporter or news anchor without feeling a slight queasiness. That weird, unnatural way of talking. Those strange hand gestures. The awful, shellacked hair... for both men and women. And, above all, their ability to appear sad or serious while reporting something heartbreaking or devastating and then turn around once the clip starts rolling and joke with the crew or other news casters.

In other words:

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions, New Miscommunications

So here we are in 2010. Hooray! I didn't get to write as much as I'd have liked in 2009 and frankly, it bothers me. Eventually I'll get around to writing up all the funny things that happened, as promised, if only so I remember them for the grandkids.

Anyway, I made many new years' resolutions for this year, as usual, and among them were to get back into the blogging saddle and write regularly again. I have missed it, and apparently some of you random strangers have too. Others haven't at all because they read my Facebook status updates or Tweets and feel like they hear more than enough from me. But enough about me and my resolutions. (If you really want to know about them, I suppose I can always write about that later, too.) The point of all of this is that the new year has already brought some fabulous little tales. Most of which, if they hadn't happened to me personally, I wouldn't believe.

Today, for example, I got the following message on my Facebook page from my friend Christele in Paris: "Hi Noelle, received a text from you yesterday... Tu me demandais l'addition... ** Was kind of funny, in a 4th- dimension-y way, as it came out of nowhere, in the bleak midwinter..."

** You asked me for the check.

Naturally, my first response was to freak out and prepare to call AT&T and demand to know why my phone is sending out international text messages. Stranger things have happened in my time with AT&T mobile. Instead, I wrote the following response: "WHAT?! Are you serious? From which number? I definitely didn't send you any texts..."

And Christele responded: "Bizarre... It read "La addition je vous ple?". Thought it was a private joke, sent to me by mistake. The sender's number ended by 0587. Could it be a number u used in La Jolla? I did save it under your name. Then, it might have been your dad's answer to my happy 2010 SMS :-))"

I should have known. My father only knows how to say one thing in French - how to ask for the check at a restaurant. I've told him for years that he should stop volunteering that phrase or he'll end up picking up checks for other people all over the place. But clearly some habits are hard to break.

I guess I had used my dad's phone to call Christele at some point during the week of our wedding, and she saved his number as mine. She then included his number when she sent out a mass "Bonne annee!" text to all her friends as the clock struck midnight in Paris. And my father didn't do as most people probably would, ignoring the message or writing back "WHO IS THIS?!?!?!"

Nope, my dad asks for the check!