Monday, August 03, 2009

I am a horrible person

And I am, really. Because the last post on this blog is over a month ago, and I have so many things to share. I'm mostly horrible because I know that in a year's time or more I'll look back on this and be annoyed with myself that I didn't write it all down. I mean, hopefully you only plan a wedding once in your life!

But not only have I been planning a wedding, I've been doing far too many other things, like helping launch a company, living far away from Frenchy, dealing with green cards and shoulder surgery (for him) and wedding dresses and apartment setup (for me). It hasn't been easy, but I still find myself frustrated that I couldn't set aside just a few minutes each day to write down what has happened.

Maybe that's because each day is too full of stuff to write. Well I do plan to go back and jot it all down. It would be a disservice to myself not to, since most of it is so ridiculous and hilarious, I know I'll laugh about it later. For now, anyway, a few of the things that have happened in the past 3 months since I relocated to New York, in no particular order:

  • 21 flights, 1 cancelled, 1 missed connection, 1 near missed connection, 5 more to go
  • 34 trips to the airport
  • 3 dress fittings
  • 4 flights carrying a wedding dress and suit (best way to travel)
  • 1 cake tasting
  • 1 wedding (not ours)
  • 4 countries
  • 4 US states
  • 1 bed delivered
  • 0 sofas delivered
  • 1 sofa needed
  • 3+ months away from Frenchy
  • 4 trips to Paris
  • 1 mom's birthday
  • 2 lobster burritos
  • 2 trips to florist
  • 1 bionic shoulder (for Frenchy)
  • 2 haircuts
  • 400 invitations sent
  • 1 castle visited
  • 1 refrigerator not stocked
  • 1 cavity filled (boo)
  • 36 rice cakes eaten
  • 23 boxes opened
  • 14 boxes still to open
  • 1 move from Paris to New York
  • 1 flight delayed due to vomit (not mine)
  • 1 airport commotion due to large woman fainting
  • 1 elevator out of service from 10pm to 7am (not good when you get home at 10:05 and live on the 8th floor)
  • 746 flights climbed
  • 1 wedding planned... almost