Saturday, February 23, 2008

End: Travel Karma. Begin: ugh...

So it seems (and I'm saying this very quietly so as not to jinx myself) that my bad travel karma got bored with me and decided not to follow me into 2008. Since the new year started - actually, since my birthday! - I haven't had a cancelled flight, a delay, or a lost bag. Well, aside from that plane crash at Heathrow that kinda screwed things up the day I was in London in January... but even that went relatively smoothly.

In it's place, I seem to have developed a pretty bad outbreak of tech karma. After spending 3 days in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, where my hotel was exactly 100 feet from the Apple store, my Macbook Pro (purchased in August) decided to die a strange death. AFTER I ARRIVED AT THE AIRPORT TO GO BACK TO SPAIN!!! Perhaps it was just the lunar eclipse and, as a result, a one-off. I hope so.

Basically, my Mac decided that it didn't feel like following any more commands, so the keyboard and mouse trackpad have stopped responding. The guy sitting next to me at the airport said he'd heard of such a thing happening with the new Leopard operating system, but I was on the older Tiger version. So today I had to drop off my Mac at a shop to get fixed. We will be separated for a minimum five days. I'm really not sure how I will cope. If you can believe it, I'm now writing the post from a PC! Ugh!

Anyway last night was the always-fabulous IESE MultiCulti party, so I promise to have more cheery news (and photos) later this weekend.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Curious Incident of Fidel and the iPhone

As you may or may not recall, in August last year, I bought an iPhone. Total impulse purchase, which didn't sit well with me for the week I left it in its box on the counter. I returned it and 24 hours later, Apple dropped the price by $200.

A week and a half ago I returned from a week in Cuba and this morning Fidel announced he's dropping his supreme dictator title.

Far-fetched, egomaniacal coincidence?


Anyone need me to travel to far-flung places or buy unnecessary objects? I'm happy to help out solving disputes in any way I can.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

And now for something completely different

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I gave up writing about my love life early on in this blog. I decided it wasn’t fair to the person I was with, to anybody I might someday be with, and to myself. So I stopped. And it was probably a good idea… though perhaps the blog would have been juicier and more interesting than it already is, it would have been a lot more Bridget Jones and a lot less … well, whatever it is now.

But as you’ve surely also noticed, lately I’ve taken to referring to a certain French someone, and that was only after a long period of blogular absence on his part because I didn’t think it was fair, for the reasons outlined above. The funny thing is that if you’re in someone’s life but not in their blog, I guess it’s a little weird. And so, with Frenchy’s blessing, he has slowly been woven into the fabric of my life story. Apparently, his appearances keep his mom entertained too, which is extremely important!

So why am I even writing about this now? Partly perhaps because I finally had a full day to spend with him after nearly three weeks. After spending all week in the office, then traveling for work for ten days, and then jumping right back into work (and him into classes), this past Friday night and Saturday that we had all to ourselves was a very special occasion. And even more so, considering I’m writing this from an airplane seat somewhere over Greenland as I head to San Francisco for the annual Game Developers Conference. (AKA Nerdfest 2008!)

But even more than that, it’s because this weekend, and February 15 in particular, marks one year since we suddenly realized we couldn’t live without each other. From the first sneaky kiss at the BOW at Otto Zutz (ok, maybe not so sneaky…) to now, one year later, Frenchy has been at the top of my thoughts and has held the entirety of my heart. He’s my first thought every morning, no matter where I am, and my last thought before I fall asleep. I would love to have a job that requires hanging out with him all day, because he never bores me or gets on my nerves. And since such employment is unlikely, we content ourselves with seeing as much of each other as we possibly can, including during nearly five months we spent on different continents, in different hemispheres between June and November. Now that we live in the same city again, life is more brilliant than usual.

Before all of this, when Frenchy and I were just in a band together, just friends harboring secret crushes on each other, I was happy. My life was full and wonderful. Full of friends, family, travel, fun, and adventure. I didn’t really think it could get much better until February 15, when my world was turned completely around and upside down, in the most spectacular way.

For those of you who are reading this and thinking I’ve lost my mind, my edge, my toughness, my je ne sais quoi, I apologize. It may be true. And if so, I don’t mind never getting back to “normal.” For those of you who have never felt this way, and feel rather like barfing over my cheesiness, I hope that when the opportunity appears, you grab it. Because it’s amazing. And for Frenchy, who is surely reading this, thank you for the best year of my life. You are perfect.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

To continue where I left off...

... before I was so rudely interrupted by a fantastic work trip (which I'll have to get to later)....

One night I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Frenchy was reading emails on the couch and suddenly said, "Sweetie? What does it mean 'to hook up'?"

Me: Well, it depends who you ask. Some people will just say it's kissing someone, others say it's more than that.... WAIT, WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THAT????

Frenchy: Because Xandy just sent me an email saying we should hook up tomorrow at school.

Needless to say, I was very relieved. Xandy is male. And married. And simply wanted to work on a case report. And, well, Frenchy was relieved too. I'm sure Xandy is also now relieved, knowing how close he came to making out with Frenchy.