Thursday, January 10, 2008

Adventures in Electricity

So last night I planned a glorious night of fighting evil with my new XBox 360 and Halo 3. The night before I'd been out with some work colleagues having dinner and doing cultural things like seeing live music, and last night all I wanted to do was sit in front of the TV and (attempt to) shoot bad guys.

Frenchy had his first round of physical therapy for his shoulder so I read for a while (Crime and Punishment... you know, to counteract the supposed brain numbing that was to come in front of the video game console) while he was gone and then we headed off to my apartment. Upon arriving, I found a bill from Telefonica and an already-opened notice of some sort, which said at the top "Suspension." Hmmm. I hadn't received any prior notifications of problems with my electricity bills, and I said so out loud, probably while stamping my foot.

Anyway I opened the door, and flicked on the light.... Flicked off the light.... Flicked on the light... uhhhh. Hmmm. They shut off my power! And my whole apartment is run on electricity, not a drop of gas in the place. So that meant no lights, no heat, no stove, and no hot water. Ugh! Thoroughly irritated, I lit a few pathetic candles and stomped around looking for work clothes for today, packed up my laptop (now I had two with me: my work one and my Mac) and found, in a small pile of mail I was saving to forward to Chris, the former tenant, a letter from Endesa informing CHRIS that the payment from his bank didn't go through.

No wonder I didn't see any notifications. They were sent to Chris! And the account was still in his name, even though the leasing agent supposedly switched it to my name in May. Hmph.

As we were walking back to my moto to go back to Calatrava, I said to Frenchy, "See? This is why we can't move in together. We NEED two houses!"

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