Monday, August 03, 2009

I am a horrible person

And I am, really. Because the last post on this blog is over a month ago, and I have so many things to share. I'm mostly horrible because I know that in a year's time or more I'll look back on this and be annoyed with myself that I didn't write it all down. I mean, hopefully you only plan a wedding once in your life!

But not only have I been planning a wedding, I've been doing far too many other things, like helping launch a company, living far away from Frenchy, dealing with green cards and shoulder surgery (for him) and wedding dresses and apartment setup (for me). It hasn't been easy, but I still find myself frustrated that I couldn't set aside just a few minutes each day to write down what has happened.

Maybe that's because each day is too full of stuff to write. Well I do plan to go back and jot it all down. It would be a disservice to myself not to, since most of it is so ridiculous and hilarious, I know I'll laugh about it later. For now, anyway, a few of the things that have happened in the past 3 months since I relocated to New York, in no particular order:

  • 21 flights, 1 cancelled, 1 missed connection, 1 near missed connection, 5 more to go
  • 34 trips to the airport
  • 3 dress fittings
  • 4 flights carrying a wedding dress and suit (best way to travel)
  • 1 cake tasting
  • 1 wedding (not ours)
  • 4 countries
  • 4 US states
  • 1 bed delivered
  • 0 sofas delivered
  • 1 sofa needed
  • 3+ months away from Frenchy
  • 4 trips to Paris
  • 1 mom's birthday
  • 2 lobster burritos
  • 2 trips to florist
  • 1 bionic shoulder (for Frenchy)
  • 2 haircuts
  • 400 invitations sent
  • 1 castle visited
  • 1 refrigerator not stocked
  • 1 cavity filled (boo)
  • 36 rice cakes eaten
  • 23 boxes opened
  • 14 boxes still to open
  • 1 move from Paris to New York
  • 1 flight delayed due to vomit (not mine)
  • 1 airport commotion due to large woman fainting
  • 1 elevator out of service from 10pm to 7am (not good when you get home at 10:05 and live on the 8th floor)
  • 746 flights climbed
  • 1 wedding planned... almost


Gemmita said...

400 invitations!!!!!! are we talking about 800 people at your wedding? I mean, because normally 1 invitation= 2 people (and maybe plus kids) will show up!
OMG, that's a big wedding... and I remember our planning being hetic....
bummer that we will be missing it, I'm expecting pics from a wedding that I know it will be a blast...
ps- on that day, you'll see that everything you've done is totally worth it!!!

Jeff said...

In my somewhat clumsy english, let me tell you that your blog is by far the brightest, funniest and best written blog I've ever read. It's highly entertaining and tels a lot about the countries you lived in. Not quite understood what your job is but hope to meet you in an airport one day !


NoellieBellie said...

Merci Jeff! Your note (and all of the stories I haven't shared properly in the last few weeks) have inspired me to get back to blogging regularly.

Thank you so much for your comment. It really made my day! :)

Jeff said...

Glad you may write again !
And it helps me to improve my english.

'Make my day', I've heard this line before... :-)

NoellieBellie said...

Haha, ok I didn't mean it in a Dirty Harry way... though that IS one of my favorite characters (and actors) of all time.

Merci encore!

Jeff said...

You're very welcome.
One last thing : how do you know that je suis fran├žais ?
Do I have a french accent even in my writting ? :-)

kazi said...

Noelle, my friend. Still waiting for the wild wedding recap post ;)

By the way, fav pic hands down is you in your wedding dress rockin' the treadmill in your white kicks!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love this post! haha! A fun way of putting things! I should have kept track like this during crazy months; would be interesting to look back on.