Thursday, February 04, 2010

Super Husband

Over the past several months, I've slowly indoctrinated Frenchy into the ways of American football. Or, as we call it, football. And I'm impressed by how he has taken to it. He even commented, after one game, "Soccer players are such pussies. They barely get touched and they roll around on the ground. Football players get hit like crazy and just bounce up and keep going."

He also impressed me by cooking dinner one Sunday evening while I sat on the couch drinking a beer and watching the Chargers.

But I digress.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday (OBViously) and, while I'm very disappointed my Chargers got knocked out of the playoffs weeks ago, I will still watch the big game of course. And Frenchy is getting more and more excited about it as well. As evidenced by the email he sent to an IESE friend of ours, who invited us to his place to watch the game:

Hi Sam,

We are very excited to join you for the super ballon! This will be my very first super ballon in the US so I hope that you are ready to cope with my excitement...

Please let us know all the logistic details (where, when, what kind of beer you like, your favorite pizzas...)

Looking forward to it. yeah!

*Sigh* My husband is the awesomest.