Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Earth to Noelle....

Apologies for the extended blogging delay. When I started this blog, it was all about my experience at IESE Business School and living in Barcelona. Then I finished school and it was still about living in Barcelona and a bit about IESE since Frenchy was still studying there. Then we moved to France and it was about being an American in France, but I had less and less to say because more and more of my time was consumed by work, and work is one of the areas I just won't write about.

Then we moved back to New York, my old stomping grounds, and sure I have loads of funny stories to tell about day-to-day life here married to a crazy Frenchman... but still, most of what I share online these days is about videos or photos I come across that are worth sharing, or about our pup Ellie, or about weird conversations I have with Quentin.

I haven't even written properly about our wedding. Or the process of buying our first home. Or our trips to Turkey, Venezuela, and Tahoe. There just hasn't been enough time.

But truth be told, I miss it. And even more importantly, I still do it. So that's what this post is all about. To tell you where to find me even when I'm not regularly updating the blog. Exciting, isn't it? So here we go:

You can follow my random 140-character musings on Twitter. And check out my photos on Flickr. You can check out my microblog on Tumblr. And if you want to work with me (and really, who wouldn't?), you might want to first look me up on LinkedIn. Need a simpler place to see everything at once? Hop over to my page, where it's all in a tidy package.

And don't be a stranger! Drop me a line.


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