Monday, August 29, 2005

A busy day

The Roommates!

After a late night of dancing yesterday, we all decided to get some work done today. Alex returned from his trip to Costa Brava with his girlfriend and started putting his room in order. George and Marco went to the gym and did some grocery shopping. Nicole and I opened my bank account (finally!), started my gym membership, and went to Ikea with George - because the bed didn't scare us enough - and bought my desk. Which we then had to assemble, of course. Then we all had a little house meeting to iron out such exciting things as how we will pay the rent and utilities. After enough seriousness, we had to take a group photo. Rarely does a whole hour go by in our apartment when a photo isn't taken.

Tomorrow is Nicole's last full day here, and I will be very bummed when she leaves. She has been so great about helping me get my room organized and all of life's necessities set up. So we are going to have a little barbecue on the roof tomorrow night in her honor. She and I are also planning to visit Tibidabo, the Park Guell, and do some shopping. It's a lot for one day, so I'm glad we got all the boring stuff out of the way today.

Finally, no post is complete without a funny picture of George. So, here it is for today.

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ShannonDerby said...

I love the picture of George and the iron...looks like you are settling in nicely there :)