Sunday, August 28, 2005

Costa Brava race!

Today Nicole and I joined 14 others (11 IESE students, and 3 friends of students) for a 9km race in a small town in Costa Brava. One of the guys rented a van and drove to the town of Palafrugell, about an hour and a half from Barcelona. The course was beautiful, taking us on dirt paths through farms and countryside, and ended right on the main street near the beach. Nicole and I finished together and beat all the boys from our group. Everyone had their money on George... including me. We were pleased with our performance, particularly after sleeping only about 3 hours.

After the race, we changed into swimsuits and hit the beach for a couple of hours before having the best lunch ever (maybe just because we were so hungry from running and swimming - but it really was good.) We were so close to the French border that the menu was in English and French, rather than Castillian and Catalan.

After lunch we piled back into the van and we all slept all the way home. Tonight we are going out to celebrate the 29th birthday of Gustavo from Brazil. We are going to some karaoke place and then to a club... surely to be another late night.

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