Monday, September 11, 2006

Blog On Vacation

The sad thing is that my posting has been sporadic enough lately that you all probably thought the blog was ALREADY on vacation. But no, I've just been having too much fun outdoors in San Diego and Manhattan to spend much time in front of the computer. Too bad too, because I have some choice photos from the Mets game on Thursday.... Hmmm maybe I'll manage to get some NYC pix up soon.

Anyway I have to get up in 4 hours because a taxi is coming at 4:30 to take me to the airport yet again. That's right, this morning I arrived in Barcelona from New York and 24 hours later I will leave again. I tried to lighten my bag because I will have to do a mad dash from Charles De Gaulle to Orly in the process, but I feel like I didn't really do very well.... I will make a point to use every single thing I have packed over the next 10 days!

So the blog will now go on it's longest hiatus to date because apparently Corsica has bandits but no internet connections. Or not one close enough to make it worth the time. So instead we'll be swimming and scuba diving, hiking and playing tennis. I guess I'll survive.

Photos and stories to come on Sept 22!

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