Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chubby Bunny

A few days ago I pondered on why I should be leaving sunny San Diego for dreary New York. Well, because part of the IESE clan is here, for one thing. And also because it was only dreary for one day. Okay, well, two, but not two in a row. And because New York rocks. It was my home for 9 years and now that I've been away for a year, I'm really looking forward to coming back for good. If you want to see "real" pix of NYC, click here.

And now for some photos... Labor Day BBQ with the New York IESE crew:

Followed by Labor Day "Chubby Bunny" (full-length video courtesy of Marco to follow, I promise). If you've never played this game, you're missing out. All it requires is a lot of large marshmallows. Each contestant must place one marshmallow in his or her mouth and then say "Chubby Bunny." You then have to keep the marshmallow in your mouth and then put in another and another, each time saying "Chubby Bunny" afterward. If you spit, swallow, or barf, you're out. And if you can't say "Chubby Bunny" anymore, you're out too, sucka!!! Jesse, in the picture below, was our champ.

Jaime on the grill ... and the phone

Juanra and Lamberto (nice hat, Juan!)

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