Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey! Ho! Off to Paris we go!

Okay I really do promise that the minute-by-minute rundown of the Austrian weekend is coming in due course, but the last two days have been rather insane as the minutes count down toward Paris and the MBA Olympics.

Hit the ground running Monday evening with 200+ emails after just 3 days, mostly about Olympics, and the fun didn't stop yesterday or today either as I juggled all of the last minute problems that are to be expected from an event like this. Suddenly our band was informed we had no amplifiers. Solved! (Frenchie drummer called in some old contacts... from "Assrock." I won't ask.) One of our tennis players and track and field runners crashed her motorbike and can't walk. Solved! (We chopped her leg off, no problem!) We mysteriously suddenly had 6 additional people needing rooms in the hotel. Solved! (We are bringing tents. JUST KIDDING! We will hang them from coat hangers in our hotel room closets. No prob!)

The list goes on and on. But, as a producer, last minute fiascos are my bag, baby. And it really ain't no big thang.

There are more important things in life than worrying. Like going to see amazing bands that you could never see in the US! I waxed poetic back in 2005 on the fact that you can see bands here in Barcelona that would be sold out MONTHS in advance in the States, and last night was no exception as I went to see Royal Crown Revue with a crowd of maybe ... 150 people. Seriously, it was a tiny venue! Amazing! The only difference between seeing them here and in LA is that in LA everyone would be swing dancing. Whereas here, a weird catalan guy decided to start a loud fight over nothing during the quietest (and awesomest) drum solo of all time. What a 'tard. I would have punched him, had I not been with a very calming influence. (And I don't mean alcohol.)

And so, my friends, tomorrow I am off to Paris to compete in the following events and hopefully make IESE proud: 100M, 400M, 4X200M relay, 7K, soccer, rugby, taekwondo, and mountain biking. Oh yeah, and the band! If I manage to match my sporting performance from last year, I'll be delighted.



Anonymous said...

May the Force be with you.

Alexis said...

Noelle, do you think there is any chance of another MBA games session? this time in late mid/late-summer? (more b-school sporting fun) I understand that you are graduating and in last days of IESE... ;o)

Sadly I found out about the HEC event too late to submit a team... {this will hopefully happen next year!}