Thursday, September 06, 2007

How To Influence The Market: A Study

Apparently I'm a trendsetter. This is what happens when you return an unopened iPhone.

You see, unable to buck the iPhone craze (and Huy's demands that I buy one while in the US) I folded and while on a Nano-buying spree for my dad, I chucked an 8gb iPhone in as well. Why not? I was pre-spending my first paycheck, that's all.

But buyers remorse sunk in almost immediately. I'm the ultimate impulse shopper and I rarely regret any purchases, but this time it hit. And it hit hard. I'm only in the US for 2 months and who knows when the phone will work over in the EU? Or if my US phone will work over there at all or if I would need to buy an EU version? So I left it in its box, knowing I had 15 days to change my mind and get all "my money" (ahem) back.

Well, I returned it the day before I left San Diego. And what happened just 1 business day later? Price dropped by $200. Evidently someone is watching my every move. And so not only was I one of the "cool kids" who had an iPhone early, I'm so cool I even RETURNED IT! And then the price dropped! Hahahaha. That's one point for Noelle. (Still trying to determine if this relates in any way to my bad airline kharma.)


SleekPelt said...

Hello again, Noellie. I hope you're well.

I believe you really are a trend setter. Like Vanilla Ice, the iPhone got way too popular, way too quickly. It's created an opposite effect where people in the know, such as yourself, are figuring out that it's actually cooler to not have one. Bravo.

Of course, eventually, it can be taken to an extreme. Case in point: Vanilla Ice again. After he was popular, it became even more popular to hate him. But now, more than ten years later, people still think it's cool to hate Vanilla Ice. Don't they realize that's so '90s? It's like beating a horse that's been dead for a decade -- it's long disintegrated into the ground and there's nothing left to beat. One just looks like a fool trying.

Enjoy not having an iPhone for a while.

Manel said...

Noelle, if you wannna buy it again he can be unlocked to be use it in EU :P