Monday, March 24, 2008

Adventures in Flossing

Sometimes you just can't win. The other night in Cadaques, after a fantastic dinner at Can Rafa (I had monkfish and prawns, Frenchy had calamari) I was flossing my teeth and I told Frenchy he should probably do the same.

Frenchy: But I never get anything stuck in my teeth.
Noelle: Yeah but it's good because you get out the stuff that builds up that you don't even feel.
Frenchy: But I don't get anything there.
Noelle: BECAUSE YOU DON'T FEEL IT! But it's there.
Frenchy: Hmm, I don't know.
Noelle: Anyway it's good for your gums. It helps prevent gingivitis. But fine, do whatever you want.

I went back to my flossing. Frenchy admired himself in the mirror. After a long pause...

Frenchy: What's gums?

Oh, by the way, Cadaques was really beautiful.


Frenchy said...

What's flossing?

Yelena said...

ha, i can relate ... i recently tried to convey the value of flossing to another european, which ended with a very similar response ;)