Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday on Skype with George

I know it´s supposed to be Sunday in the Park with George, but as George and I no longer live in the same flat, let alone the same city, we can´t just wander off to the park and chat. We have to make do with Skype most of the time.

So I had just sat down with my afternoon coffee (the 5th of the day? hmm maybe I should slow down) when George´s message popped up on Skype:

EA offered 2Billion for Rockstar games! (I used to work at Rockstar.) And so the conversation continued:

[16:30:45] George says: EA offered 2Billion for Rockstar games!
[16:32:18] Noelle says: yes, last week
[16:32:24] Noelle says: for Take 2 Interactive
[16:32:35] Noelle says: a week ago sunday
[16:34:16] George says: : u are telling me i'm telling u very old stuff?
[16:34:25] Noelle says: yes! :)
[16:34:42] George says: did u know that brad pitt and jennifer aniston broke up?
[16:34:44] George says: :)
[16:34:49] Noelle says: WHAT?!?!?!
[16:34:51] Noelle says: NO!!!!
[16:34:55] George says: i'm not kidding
[16:35:03] George says: this news f*cked up my whole weekend
[16:35:08] George says: i was so sad for them! :)
[16:35:12] Noelle says: haha
[16:35:14] George says: :)
[16:35:25] George says: ok i'll go back to my old newspaper

So, unfortunately I don´t get to go home and have these same conversations with George in the living room at Calatrava, but at least we have Skype. I miss you, George. And La Dolce Vita!

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