Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Euro Mini-Tour

After a handful of relatively restful days in Barcelona, I´ve now spent the past three days working in the Paris office, where I´ll be more permanently come September (exact date still TBD). I guess I brought some decent weather with me from Spain, because none of the forecasted rain has materialized since my arrival, though there are some pretty ominous-looking clouds gathering over the office here in Suresnes.

I find I´m getting jerked around by cab drivers less and getting to know my way around a bit more, but it´s still difficult when you´re only in a place for a few days every couple of weeks, and then mostly in an office outside of town. Today before I head to London for meetings I´ll even check out an apartment... my first attempt at a flat search in Paris so far. Fingers crossed that it works out, because it could be a pretty ideal situation.

And while my four days away from Barcelona are kind of nice, I´m really looking forward to getting back home to Frenchy tomorrow night, and to enjoying the beach on this long holiday weekend starting Friday!


Mihaela said...

Hola guapa,
Good luck with the flat hunt!
Any chance of seeing you back in Bucharest before you settle in Paris? not that you wouldn't still be invited to give Quentin the tour afterwards...


Tanya said...

Best of luck in Paris! I hope you will fall in as much love with this fabulous city as I did. Looking forward to reading about your adventures there.

Frenchy said...

Bucharest! Bucharest! Let's go to Bucharest! Mihaela, i'll do my best to influence Noelle to come to visit you. However most of our we are already booked. Can you believe that we still have 3 weddings to go to before the end of september! Crazy wedding summer season. Please guys... no more wedding!