Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where Do I Begin?

Well we've crossed from July into August while I was away... And in that time Frenchy and I hit three states and two countries, spent time with my parents, uncle, sister, and grandparents (all in different locations), saw loads of old friends, confused ourselves with time zones on more than one occasion, had a fire drill in the hotel, took six planes, three rental cars, and a bus (but not one where anyone was decapitated, thank goodness), and... of course... rounded it all out with A WEDDING!

Not just any wedding. One of my best friends from back in my old Miramax days, Michael, whom we never thought would tie the knot. And I'm so happy for him that he has. Congrats Michael and Sarah, even though I know you'll never read this since you're both technophobes!

Oh yeah, and I spoke on the panel at the OMMA Gaming conference, which went fine and resulted in lots of exchanged business cards and plenty of follow-up emails, which I spent a good chunk of my day replying to today.

I'm not sure that I could possibly pinpoint a true highlight of the trip, since there were many, but one thing that will always stay with me is my visit to LucasArts, where my friend David now works. He and I worked together at Rockstar Games, and he's been over in San Francisco for a few years now. He took us on a tour of the ILM studios.... and I totally geeked out. I mean, the painting of Vigo the Carpathian from GHOSTBUSTERS II was just hanging on the wall in a hallway! And ET was just chilling there too. In an ideal world I would have taken like one million pictures, but I didn't want to (a) embarrass David or (b) make him lose his job. So I will just have to retain the memories. Bear in mind that I saw ET and Return of the Jedi in the theater and decided right there and then that I was destined to work in "the biz." Maybe I should get back to that....

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