Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Best Two Years Of My Life

Today marks two years that I've been with Frenchy. The best two years I've ever had, and this is just the beginning! Today we started really officially starting to plan our wedding. The date is set, and so is the location. August 15 in San Diego... 6 months from now.

And since I don't feel like doing any ACTUAL wedding planning work right now, I'll just write about why Frenchy is most awesome guy of all time instead:

1. He gives me massages. All the time. Right now, for example, I just stuck my foot in his face and said, "massssssage!" And he's totally doing it!

2. He looks so hot when he plays the drums.

3. He has a French accent.

4. He makes me crepes.

5. He looks so hot when he's brushing his teeth.

6. He doesn't mind when I say, "Zat iz not my duhg." In fact, I think he's starting to like it.

7. He gives the best hugs ever.

8. He smells good. (Despite aforementioned scoring high on the Frenchness scale.)

9. He is the awesomest dancer. Especially when Michael Jackson comes on.

10. He makes me laugh. Sometimes even on purpose.

11. He doesn't mind when I burp or fart.

12. He looks so hot when he's making coffee.

13. He buys bread at the bakery when I don't feel like it.

14. He drives a motorcycle.

15. He never makes fun of my French. Ever.

16. He looks so cute when he's sleeping.

17. He goes running with me.

18. He comes to watch my soccer games, and I always score a goal when he's there.

19. He is nice to everyone. I don't think he could be mean if he tried.

20. He makes me feel like a supermodel.

21. He drinks with his pinky out.

22. He rolls his r's a little extra when speaking Spanish. Like, Barrrrrrrcelona.

23. He's unbearably good looking in a suit.

24. He's unbearably good looking in jeans.

25. He's unbearably good looking in a swimsuit.

Ok I'd better stop before this gets unbearable for me or anyone else reading this. Love you, Frenchy. Happy anniversaire!!!

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MujerDivina said...

Noelle, I _love_ this list! (And absolutely get everything you're saying)