Friday, February 20, 2009

George Michael is following me

So I'm in London working for a few days, staying at the new "Calatrava Norte" that I'm sharing with Marco at Baron's Court in the few nighttime hours that I'm not at work.

Yesterday evening I planned to meet my old pal David (from my Rockstar days) for an entirely-deserved and much-needed Scotch (plus, he's Scottish) before meeting another old friend Lisa for dinner.

As I descended into the tube at Tottenham Court Road, I heard a familiar saxophone refrain. Yep, as I got closer to the source, I found it was exactly as I'd expected - George Michael's "Careless Whisper" - played by a busker at the cross between the Central and Northern lines. When I got off the train about twenty minutes later at South Kensington station, I was shocked to find that yet another saxophone busker was also playing Careless Whisper.

Indeed I was so astounded that when David arrived a moment later, I barely managed to say hello before I demanded, "What are the odds that you go into the metro at Tottenham Court Road to the sounds of Careless Whisper and come out twenty minutes later at South Ken... TO CARELESS WHISPER???" If David was mildly amused, he didn't really show it, and instead answered in absolute seriousness, "I really couldn't tell you."

And then we were in the pub and that was that.

But now it's nearing midnight a day later and I'm packing my back for my return to Paris tomorrow, and my blackberry buzzes. An SMS from David: "F*cking OMG!! Careless whisper outside the tube!!!"


natthecat said...

Okay-- I'm having issues remembering my name, password etc. etc. etc. -- soon they will imprint all of our passwords for all the various accounts into our fingerprints.. then all will be well --- then what is with the word verification???? they make the word all convoluted so it is EXTREMELY difficult to read even with reading glasses.... anyhow, my comment-- it was sooo fabulous but it was erased amidst my troubles with password and reading words.

Aha!!! brain refresh-- what did you drink on the plane or did you drink tea at the spa and why didn't I get any????

Noelle said...

The words are to prevent spambots from posting "comments" which are actually directives to porn sites or other random destinations. Get new glasses!

Or at least direct us to a good porn site!

Edwina said...

I totally understand this... as a beginner, there are a few tunes you absolutely HAVE to learn before you even know how to seriously play. I have trouble playing scales, but I can play Pink Panther, the theme from the Simpsons and Careless Whisper. So chances are, every sax player can play Careless Whisper... maybe I should practice at Plaza Catalunya in the future. How cool would it be to get paid for practicing? Yay for saxophone.

Noelle said...

There is a woman who is very clearly practicing her violin at the Porte Maillot metro stop here in Paris. I'm not sure she's making any money at it, and frankly I'm not sure she should... it's pretty rough to listen to.

And I should know. I was pretty rough to listen to for years when I first started playing the violin. And some days I'm still pretty rough to listen to...

Amma said...

Remember the violin lessons & Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Ah, those were special times!!!!!

Love you, Amma & Poppy