Thursday, November 12, 2009

And now, time for a poll!

It has been over three months since I have updated the blog. That is not good blogging practice. I've received emails, facebook messages, and blog comments asking when I'll get rolling again. And as each day passes, I only feel worse about it and there is just more to write about... more I haven't written about.

It's a horrible feeling. And knowing how much there is to write, it has become a daunting task. So I decided to help myself out a little. This is an interactive environment, after all. So why should I have all the say in what goes on here? I mean just because this blog is about my (weird) life doesn't mean I should be queen of the world.

So I'm opening this up to a poll. I will, hopefully, eventually get around to writing about everything below, along with everything that comes up on a daily (and sometimes minutely) basis. But I need help deciding where to start. Won't you help a girl out? Vote on which of the following you're most BURNING to read about, and I'll get started on that first. Okay? Here we go! Can't wait to see your responses!

A. Ryan and Cristina's fabulous wedding in Alicante, Spain.
B. Our fabulous wedding in San Diego.
C. Confusion over international variations of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"
D. The wedding dress I bought on Craigslist and (and the tux Frenchy got for 50 bucks) and the crazy day we spent taking photos.
E. A Hawaiian Honeymoon
F. Bedbugs
G. Ian & Ceylan's fabulous wedding in Istanbul
H. Our pre-Istanbul adventure in Cappadocia
I. "This Is It"
J. My colleague's dog Waffle, with whom I've fallen hopelessly in love.
K. The fact that I have (again) signed up for the Paris marathon in April... and the fact that having just written that makes it much more official
L. Why you shouldn't dry your socks in the microwave
M. Anything I might have forgotten that you think is more interesting than the above. (Suggestions welcome!)



Anonymous said...

you have managed to keep us up to date on most of the items mentioned via facebook!
So, I vote for the Paris Marathon -- this will enable you to catch up with the future!

NoellieBellie said...

It's true... and I think that's partly why the blog has suffered. I blame Facebook. But there are people who read this who I'm not friends with on Facebook... in fact whom I don't even know! So it's only fair to keep it going.

Plus it's fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Do keep it going, but don't try to catch up, you'll only dig yourself deeper. just jump ahead to now!!!

Jeff said...

Among those you don't even know, here I am and I still don't know why I remain strangely 'addicted' to your blog (nothing weird !). I found it while I was searching something else on the web and I immediately liked your writing and your humorous way of dealing with life. It was the first time I took a little time to follow the life of someone I absolutely didn't know !
I thought you had abandoned your blog and I was just about to forget it, and then you're back.
As a french, maybe the Paris marathon would be my choice. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow NYer (who loves both Paris & Barcelona), I would love to read a post on how you're adjusting to life back in NYC, differences/pros/cons of the 3 cities, etc. Of course, a wedding recap would be great too! (Congrats!)

Anonymous said...

Wedding Recap please! And, married life in Brooklyn! Keep it coming Noelle! You are fun to read!

Frenchy said...

A classical answer : ALL OF THEM !

And a great challenge for you: 10 stories in 10 lines in 10 days!!!!

Just pitch everyday one of your 10 stories in 10 lines... no need to tell more, no need to tell less.

And in the meantime, I promise I will provide you more content for your next stories. And yes... I will clean the dishes, not leave the doors of the cupboard opened, stop stealing the cover in the middle of the night, and make sure we always have home some wine and cheese! I guess the mutation process has started... mwaahahaha

xxx said...

Hi! Just found your blog while looking for MBAs :-)

I read it for a while, like your writing style and intense life a lot!

I'd like to read about the wedding!


KD said...

wedding, wedding!

Although Frenchy's idea wasn't bad either......

Anonymous said...

1) B
2) C
3) L

Nice to see you back here !

- Alexis

Anonymous said...

Your fabulous wedding in San Diego ! (that I should have crashed like a White House pseudo-State dinner)

Anonymous said...

Drying socks in the microwave?!?!?!, rememeber sock are consireder underwear, would you dry french boxers in the same place you cook????