Thursday, November 23, 2006


Since returning from Milan, I hit the ground running and have barely stopped to breathe. An hour after arriving home Sunday night, I was off to practice with the band at our rehearsal space in Poblenou . We were a bit disappointed to learn that we wouldn't be able to have the necessary equipment arranged by the school and thought we wouldn't be able to play at the annual Thanksgiving dinner/auction/talent show extravaganza, of which I also happen to be co-MC. But where there's a will there's a way and just 24 hours later we learned we'd not only be able to get the equipment (speakers, amps, etc.) but we were requested to do not one song but two. Which meant finding and learning another song... fast.

Monday, Tuesday, and today have been insanely busy. Class from 8am to 5pm... five classes in a row really takes it out of me. Monday night I had my phone inteview, which went well enough to grant me a second round interview in NYC in two weeks. (Sweet!) Yesterday I played soccer after class, and today I went straight from class to another rehearsal with the band. Our second song now rocks just as hard as the first one. My parents arrived tonight so I took them to Cerveceria Catalana - probably THE most touristy place you can go for dinner and still get fantastic food. Delish.

Tomorrow and Friday I'm fortunate to have only two classes, but of course there's also rugby practice, a football match, Thanksgiving dinner, my mom speaking at IESE (she rocks), and ... well... then it's Saturday! Somewhere in the next few weeks amongst all these extra-curricular activities I need to also find time to write all my final papers, whose deadlines currently seem somewhere in the distant future, but which will come due much sooner than any of us could possibly expect. This is the life of a second year student! It rules!


-s said...

I reccommend two songs by METRIC, if you do not know it already, "Monster Hospital" or "Poster of a Girl". :)

NoellieBellie said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Metric is a great group. We have selected our two songs for Saturday (and they really rock!) but maybe we'll try those next time around!