Thursday, November 30, 2006

Headless Chicken

As the end of the fall term nears, the workload mounts. Wait, that's a lie. The workload has always been there. We have just chosen to ignore it for as long as possible. Because really, who feels like doing a paper that's due in 2 months when you have cases to read for the next day? Organized and forward-thinking people, I suppose...

Anyway, now comes crunch time. And what could be a better way to add pressure than to have interviews in New York in the midst of it all? Fortunately I function better (and faster) under pressure, so maybe this little NYC jaunt is just the kick in the pants I need to get everything done in time.

One thing I simply cannot do, regardless of how much work or pressure there is, is to put my extracurricular activities on hold. And, as such, I have continued to play soccer a few times a week, as well as rugby on Thursdays, and to play with the band whenever we're all able to make it happen. Without that, I wouldn't be able to function at all, and I realized long long ago that spending an hour kicking a soccer ball around makes me much more productive than spending that same hour thinking about how much work I have to do without actually doing anything.

And now I realize... hmmm here I am procrastinating again. Writing a blog entry about proctrastinating in order to put off my work even more. Fantastic! I am a procrastination genius! I should win a prize.

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Anonymous said...

You only think you come in first place in the procrastination competition. HAH! You just about finished your MBA. The rest of us are reading your blog and still trying to decide what to do.