Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jack Ruby Tuesday

Last night was the inaugural Cigar & Whiskey club meeting at a top-secret location. Okay, it was at Ian's house. He didn't even give us a password or a secret handshake! And what's worse is that I missed it, but not without a good excuse. Ali and Marc both celebrated their birthdays last night and invited us to a killer dinner.

But the point of even mentioning all of this? Right. So aside from the rather obvious "cigar" and "whiskey" elements of the aforementioned club, there also exists an oratory factor. Yes, members must be prepared to get up and give a speech on a pre-selected topic chosen by the God of the club, Ian himself. Last night's topic? Your favorite political assasin.

Naturally, I chose Jack Ruby. Why? Well, he was the first person that came to mind. And then I started thinking about how he really screwed it up for everyone by killing Lee Harvey Oswald, who was himself already implicated in the assasination of JFK only 48 hours prior. So that's like a double assasination. And considering that the ill-fated date of 11/22 is just a week away, the timing seemed eerily right. So yeah, I never got around to giving a speech, but I tell ya... it woulda been good!

But the REAL point of mentioning all of this? An amazing photo I came across while researching ol' Jack Ruby last night. Most people - or at least most Americans - are familiar with this famous photo of Jack shooting Lee Harvey while he was being led to a bus headed for maximum security prison. (And again I ask... how did the photographer happen to capture that moment? Surely he was involved. I think he was the additional gunman on the grassy knoll. Maybe someone should look into this.)

Well the thing is, I've often wondered why we can't just solve global problems with a dance-off. For instance, Dubya and Osama go head to head breakdancing or doing the Macarena. Or better yet, ballet! Or even whole countries could battle it out on the dance floor.

Another option? A singing contest. Which is exactly how Jack and Lee Harvey could've settled their dispute.

(Thanks to Canned Revolution for the image)


Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle !, It has been a long time since I don't read anything about you. I was trying to desintoxicate from your wonderful personality and your … (how do I write this without being offensive…) beautiful and ultra sexy body/face ;).
Yesterday I had a dream about you (don’t worry, nothing maniac) and I had to come back. I saw you in 10 years from now and the only thing I can say is you looked like if in those 10 years you’ve passed over 20 and you’re sad about that. I guess maybe your sports life will change when you start working, so remember always to have a good balance between lifestyle and work. Whatever job you take now, try to analyze your future and do anything to avoid being what I saw. You’ll regret it.

Anyway, right now you have the right (in fact, you HAVE) to be narcissist because you really deserve to love you as much as anybody else (and I think you really don't know how much people love you, personally I love you, but don't worry it's in a friendy way).

Anonymous said...

We've missed the blog updates. Where have you been? I think you are working too hard. This was a good one. Great photos. I learned something new. How do you know all this stuff?

plepo said...

Hy Noelle!
I met you on Saturday night at Palazzo Bocconi...I just want to say hello to you and to thank you for your blog: since I was applying to IESE I read your blog almost everyday last spring and summer (it's a long story why I am not at IESE, son,...)
Nevertheless, I decided to begin my own blog :-)( to share my days here in Bocconi...
have a nice day...and fun!