Monday, April 28, 2008


Three years ago this month, we began work on a new version of Grand Theft Auto. I organized ten cars and guides to take forty Scottish artists all over New York City and parts of New Jersey. They went to the coolest clubs and the most dangerous neighborhoods and they photographed everything. I left Rockstar and New York a few months later to move to Barcelona and pursue an MBA and while my life has been very full and rich and exciting in these past three years, I have to admit that I feel a twinge of longing today.

Because tonight at midnight GTAIV comes out. Three years of incredibly hard work, which I know all too well because I went through it on prior games in the series, and now the game is getting awesome reviews and will probably break all sales records. I'm so excited to check it out, it's a little bit ridiculous. Congrats, guys!!!


Geijn said...

hmm.. i bought the game two days ago and I just entered the queue of people having problems with the game. I still have not been able to load it on my 40gb model! Any suggestions from the insider?

NoellieBellie said...

I assume you have the 40G PS3? Buy an XBox! :)

And you're welcome to BCN anytime to come play it here!