Monday, April 07, 2008

IESE Open Day

Today I went up to IESE during my lunch break to participate in an Alumni Panel for prospective students at IESE Open Day. These Open Days are held every month or and each time the admissions team tries to assemble an interesting and diverse group to answer all of the possible questions that might spring forth from potential candidates. It's a great way to catch up with fellow classmates you haven't seen in a while (even though we live in the same city!) and also to connect with students who graduated in years prior.

But mostly it's a chance to reflect on IESE in particular and grad school in general and think about the experience and what I gained from it and how my life has changed as a result of it. I don't often have the time to sit and think about things like that (nor is it usually my natural inclination), so it's kind of cool every once in a while to step back for an hour and savor the memories a little.

It's also great to meet future IESE-ans. I answer a lot of out-of-the-blue emails (partly because of the blog, I guess) from prospective students, and it's so cool when I get to meet these people face to face and know I might have helped them in their decision to choose IESE. So if you're a reader of this blog, please don't be a stranger!

Unless you're a stalker, in which case please totally keep being a stranger. Stalking is MUCH better from afar.


OverEdge said...

Hey Noelle, I am a reader of your blog for a while now, so it was a big surprise to see you in the IESE open day last Monday. Your comments were funny and insightful (especially the one about girls who love girls, or something like that)
:) Cheers,

hks said...

I was googling(Sp?) the IESE program and student experiences and fortunately came across your blog. I have few questions regarding the program and was wondering if I can email you with those. Pls do let me know
In case you are not able to find time, I completely understand. In any case- Thanks for the well informative blog.

(feel free to delete the comment)

Omerta69 said...

Hey there!

Like your weblog here! Don't you want to have more visitors? Perhaps we can trade links then.

Mail me on if you are interested!


Marc, a Dutch BCN citizen ;)