Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back in BCN, and naked again

Well considering I have to be back at the airport in less than 6 hours, I will have to keep this one short and hit the sack. Amazing week in Finland, with a little overnight in Estonia (Tallinn is cooool! Will definitely go back when it's not a national holiday) and today we had the travel day from hell. Would you expect anything less?

We were to take a 12:55 ferry back to Helsinki from Tallinn, which would have gotten us to our destination by 2:45 in plenty of time to get to the airport for our 5:20 flight to Barcelona. But when we got to the ferry terminal (very pleased with myself, I might add, for having just rearranged all my travel to Paris tomorrow - another story altogether) and found no one was really there.... we became a bit suspicious.

And rightly so, because our ferry was cancelled. Silly us! National holiday! Reminds me of when my flight from Bucharest to Barcelona was cancelled because it was EASTER. I mean, you knew it was going to be Easter that day for at LEAST a year. Why put the flight on the schedule? Same goes for Juhannus (not to be confused with the unmentionables of a dear Finnish friend of ours) in Estonia. I mean really. When you make a reservation for a ferry, you'd expect there TO BE A FERRY!

But never mind. They were kind enough to let us switch from Nordic Jet Line to SuperSeaCat without charge, but the catch was that the next ferry didn't leave until 2pm. So we waited an hour and a half and finally boarded and I kept telling myself that everything would be fine, that we'd make it... despite the fact that we'd now only arrive at 3:40 and we'd need to be checking in for our flight at 4:25.

I didn't factor in the boat being late. We arrived at 4 and thanks to some graceful running off the ship and through the terminal with our huge backpacks, we were in a taxi by 4:04. According to our very specific taxi driver. We miraculously made it to the airport despite rain, bad traffic, and the start of rush hour, in time to check in without any problems. And just before doing so, I had the foresight to take all my overnight stuff (makeup, contact lens solution, toothbrush, etc) out of my checked bag... just in case.

And good thing I did, too. Because we made it to Barcelona. But our bags didn't. And you know when we will finally get them? THURSDAY! Today is Tuesday! Ugh. Forget the fact that I now have not much to wear for my three days of meetings in Paris starting tomorrow morning at 9:30. Which reminds me... it's late and I have to get up at 4am. Time for some shuteye. More Finnish adventure stories to come. And believe me, there are many!

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