Monday, June 16, 2008

Global Chilling

The weather in BCN has been pretty terrible for 6 weeks now. We had two fantastic weeks at the end of April, and since then just clouds and rain. What is going on here? Where is all this global warming everyone promised us? I'm moving to the Arctic, where it´s supposedly getting warmer, because this is getting really depressing. Or else I need some more climate change. Because the climate here needs changing!

In other news, we are off to Helsinki tomorrow morning because I have a conference there with the folks who are behind Habbo Hotel, and then we´ll stick around for the long weekend (Monday and Tuesday are holidays here in Barcelona) to enjoy the annual Midsummer festival. Wouldn´t you know it, the days we're in Finland it looks like it'll finally be beach weather here. But hey, I'll just work on my skin cancer next year I guess.

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JP said...

Hi Noelle,

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