Thursday, June 12, 2008

International Relations

Just got back from a 2 day training session in Madrid with about 30 people from all over Europe (Spain, France, UK, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Lithuania) and it reminded me that I really love working in such an international environment. Before IESE, I spent nearly a decade in New York, which is already an international place to be, and I was lucky enough to work in companies that had strong international ties. But even that didn´t compare to the IESE experience or my current job.

For instance, I share a work space with a Belgian and two Catalans. At the next work space are another Catalan, a Portuguese, and two French. And our office count obviously doesn´t include the people who waltz in and out from all over the place for mega-committee meetings.

Hmmm usually there´s a point to my ramblings... I guess it would be that I´m not quite ready to go back to the US just yet! I think I´ll continue my European sojourn as long as possible.

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