Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog slowdown

So here is where I apologize for going nearly the whole month of November without a single post. But I apologize mostly to myself, because really this blog is for me, even if I share it with anyone who is bored enough to read it. It´s fun to occasionally go back and relive the weird and wacky moments that make up my bizarre existence.

So for my own sake, I vow to resume posting regularly!

I guess my only excuse is that the majority of my day is spent working. And though there are PLENTY of things to write about work (some good, some not-so-good, but nearly all ridiculous and often funny), I know it´s not always the best idea to blather on about work on a blog.

But even that is no excuse because my non-work time is still very busy and entertaining. At least, it is for me. Let´s see... looking back in my calendar... we´ve had an election, and a very exciting one at that, with lots of interesting and positive feedback in Europe, I´ve done some paperwork for some other interesting things, I´ve been to Stockholm and haven´t even mentioned a word about it till now, I´ve worked in London for three days, with another to come tomorrow, I´ve played my first soccer match in a Paris suburb (and been severely gashed with metal studs - yikes), I´ve been to a doctor, and to my first rugby match, and there´s still one more weekend left... which I´ll spend in Prague!

Plus, this is my last month of my 20s!!!!! You´d think I´d have written something every day in commemoration! Whoops.

So really, I have no excuse. Time to get back on the wagon! You´re all welcome to join! :)


Antonio said...

Happy Bday!
Someone's getting reeeeaaaaallly old!

Amma said...

Happy 30th birthday.
Love from the grandparents.

NoellieBellie said...

Thank you!! I'm so impressed that my grandparents have commented on the blog! Some serious techno grandparents! :)