Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why I'm Happy It's Election Day

Well, quite simply, I'm sick of hearing about the election. I'm sick of everyone in Europe demanding that I vote for Obama OR ELSE. I'm sick of people who have no idea what they're talking about lecturing me. It's all really old.

That having been said, being an American in Europe during the Bush years really sucks, so I'm looking forward to change. ANY change.

Last week I had to go to Barcelona to get a piece of paper that allows me to travel around while I wait for my new resident card. Another day of my life lost to a long line and paperwork. On the way back to Paris, I showed a security agent my boarding pass and passport in the Barcelona airport in order to go through security. He looked at my passport and, without even opening it, said in the most evil voice ever, "Ameeeeerican." Then a pause, followed by, "Buuuuuush. George Buuuuush."

I didn't even have the nerve to look him in the eye. It continued...

Security guard: You like Bush? Or Obama?
Me: (figuring that if he really wanted to speak English, then sure no prob) They're not even running against each other.
Guard: (confused) You like Bush or Obama?
Me: Bush isn't RUNNING!
Me: If I tell you I like Obama, can I have my passport back and go through security now?
Guard: Obama?
Me: Yes! Obama! I like Obama! I love Obama. Can I go now?

Then he gave me back my passport. And I angrily took off half my clothes in order to pass through security.

So yeah, I'm excited for this to be over. Go Obama.


Hannah said...

My humble musical letter to president Obama:


Hannah said...

Hi there!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Your trip sounds so exciting. I have never visited Spain but after I finish my book I'm planning on coming out and trying to put some of my terribley-bad highschool spanish to use. What are you up to?


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