Sunday, November 02, 2008

T- 5 months

Last night Frenchy and I went to see an old friend of his to have dinner and play video games. At one point we were talking about New York and I mentioned that the NYC Marathon was today, and we got to talking about marathons. Apparently Quentin's friend had run a marathon on a sort of bet a few years back.

Well evidently the conversation (or, more likely, the wine) led me to think it was a good idea to register for the 2009 Paris Marathon around 1am this morning. When I woke up my first thought was, What a funny dream! And then I realized, wow, I've drunk registered for a marathon. I wonder if Google can develop something to prevent this.

In reality, the Paris marathon is something I've been thinking about doing since August. And hey, nothing like middle-of-the-night race registration to move you from the thinking phase to the reality phase. And so I took my reality phase to the park today and ran 10 kilometers. This marathon thing is going to be a snap. (Just have to be able to add another 32km....)

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