Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Further proof that my life is completely crazy...

Last night after a long day of classes, I was out on the balcony chatting with Marco when I noticed, on the balcony across the street, a bunny rabbit chasing a ball around. I said, "Wow, how cool, I've never seen a bunny playing with a ball!"

No sooner were the words out of my mouth, then the bunny mounted the ball and started having its way with it. (Reminds me distinctly of when, at age 12, I was on a ranch in Montana with my parents and pointed at two horses and said, "Wow, look at those horses fighting!" And realized just a second too late that they weren't fighting at all. My mom still laughs about this incident.)

Anyway, the bunny amorously enjoyed the ball for the next 10 minutes, alternating between frantically humping and coyly ignoring the round object of its affections. At one point, it spent several minutes laid flat out like a small rabbit rug, clearly exhausted. This is all true... I have video evidence.

Sadly, I do NOT have video evidence of what happened next. After laughing hysterically at the poor bunny for a solid 15 minutes, Marco turned and said, "Right, I'd better get going."

And walked full-force, face-first, into the sliding glass door.


Bram said...

But we'd still like to see the video of the bunny!


NoellieBellie said...

You dirty Dutch people and your desire for bunny porn!! Shame on you! (I will upload it soon.)

Geijn said...

Yeah, where is the video?