Friday, February 23, 2007

That MultiCulti Feeling

Old-school readers of this blog may remember last year around this time, which brought the annual IESE Multicultural Dinner, known fondly as simply "The MultiCulti."

Well it's that time of year again. Last year's event had everyone falling on the floor thanks to a linoleum malfunction, several people ending up in the hospital with varying injury and intoxication levels, and even one student who went missing for three days. All in all, a great party. And like all great parties, it was forbidden from ever being held in that location again.

So this year, we're in a warehouse. And our band is playing! And the Americans are dressing as baseball players rather than than cowboys. Always an adventure!

So now I must get a move on because we have a sound check to do and an American stand to prepare, but I promise plenty of sordid tales and incriminating photos tomorrow!!! (Or maybe Sunday, if I sleep through tomorrow.)

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Anonymous said...

Waiting for next installment....