Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vive le weekend!

It's 8:30 on a Thursday morning and I should be getting my many planned tasks done instead of writing this, but then I wouldn't be fulfilling my procrastination duties.

This morning I must pack my ski gear, hit the bank (oof, Feb. 1 - rent!), attend a sports management meeting and then my social entrepreneurship class and then head straight for Barcelona airport. Because I'm off to the Swiss Alps tonight!

When I came to Spain, one of my personal goals was to ski in the Alps, and it is thanks to Chris that this wish will be fulfilled. A few of us are heading to his house near Verbier for some serious downhilling and major R&R. Oh and some cases too, I guess. Hmmm.

Okay better get moving. Never fear... photos and a movie are sure to follow!

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Ilmi said...

Oof, jealous. Then again, in two weeks I'm cutting class and hitting up Telluride for three days. Gotta love those frequent flyer miles.