Monday, February 19, 2007

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

My apologies for being a crappy blogger this week, but my life of late certainly has seemed like the Disney ride mentioned in the title. Actually, it has been more like the Magic Teacups. I hate that ride... makes me dizzy.

Don't get me wrong, it has been a lot of fun, but it also seems like it has been a month rather than just seven days since we returned from our Andorran Skiese adventure. Monday brought the usual full twelve hours of classes, and Tuesday I had that, plus an interview with a big media company. Went well enough... we'll see. Wednesday, more classes, plus three meetings/interviews with another big media company and when I finally got home at 9pm I was absolutely shattered. A pounding headache and the fact that I couldn't see out my right eye anymore led me to stay home from band practice (major bummer) and make an early night of it.

But by Thursday I was raring to go again. Which is good, because I had a lot to do. Attend classes, write up a project proposal with Huy for our Social Entrepreneurship class, and, most importantly, put the final touches (read: major grocery shopping with Marco) for Atsh's surprise 30th birthday party. I started planning it a few weeks before, and it went off, amazingly, without a hitch. I have never, EVER seen anyone so surprised. Poor Atsh was in shock for the next hour. When we all yelled for him to give a speech, he could only speak in Japanese... which was actually cooler. He was probably telling us he hated us all for embarrassing him.

The police came to tell us to turn down the music at 11 (which is when most Spanish people should just be starting dinner... our neighbors are weird) so we shuffled off to the BOW at Otto Zutz. Which was a little too much fun, because somehow I managed to get home at 6am. Six hours later, I jumped out of bed after remembering that I had an Olympic committee meeting to attend at 12:30. The rest of the afternoon was pretty rough and ended with me napping after class and before our soccer team's disastrous loss to the Alumni team. Ugh. But there's nothing like soccer to get you feeling back to normal again!

Friday night brought a party at the same house where we had one of the first parties of the first year. Ahh, coming full circle. As I was leaving at 4am, the same cops who came to our house the night before were on their way in. We smiled and said hello and I was glad to be heading home and not dealing with the Guardia Urbana. I spent a good part of yesterday working on Olympics stuff and then getting caught in the rain during a random donut run... not advisable, but still very fun under the right circumstances.

And last night Marco cooked a tremendous dinner and we headed off to Sutton, despite my earlier proclamation that I'd be heading straight to bed. Hmmmm.... another late night, in spite of which I was actually mildly productive today. Worked on a project for a potential employer, tried to figure out a finance case (emphasis on "tried"), played with the band, and had dinner with the Skiese planning committee. And now.... bed. I MEAN IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Get some rest - it seams like you ereally need it :)

Swinging Girl

Anonymous said...

I love donuts !!!