Monday, July 02, 2007


In case anyone is concerned, I have so far been unaffected by the nailbomb-filled cars, fiery Jeeps driving into airports, and controlled explosions that have filled the news this weekend. While it may force me to adjust my plans and possibly not head to Glasgow tomorrow for the day, it certainly hasn't affected me as much as the unusually crappy Scottish weather, which has called for mostly heavy clouds and chilly temperatures, with the occasional torrential downpour.

Having said that, I have managed to visit Rosslin Chapel (of Da Vinci Code fame) and, more importantly, have caught up with old friends from my Rockstar days. I've had a really great weekend, and today I plan to do more touristy Edinburgh things while the guys are all at work. (Haha! Work!)

I'm planning to take the train from Edinburgh to London on Thursday with an old pal from NYC (we thought this would be cooler than flying long before the Jeep crashed into the airport) and it will be interesting to see how security is stepped up in the wake of all this nonsense now that we're in a "Critical" state of alert. Critical is the highest, so I'm wondering now what happens if things get really out of control... SuperCritical? Megacritical? Stay tuned...

Oh and yesterday we escaped the rain at Allan's for a bit and played video games. I lost.

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