Friday, July 20, 2007

Titicaca cha cha cha! Machu Picchu cha cha cha!

It's time to leave lovely Lima in search of greener (or bluer) pastures. In an hour I'm off to the airport with Benjamin (who, despite flying into Sao Paolo the day of the crash managed to miraculously avoid all contact with it) for our flight to Juliaca. We'll spend the weekend in Puno and check out Lake Titicaca and then head by train to Cuzco, where we'll meet up with Anders and see the sights before heading off on our four day trek to Machu Picchu.

Needless to say, I won't be dragging my laptop around the Andes with me, so posts will have to wait until Aug 1 when I return!


Carmen said...

Noelle, have a great time traveling! I have been reading your blog and vicariously traveling along. It is my plan to go to South America after IESE, but that dream has to wait for about two years. When you are retuning to Barcelona, let me know if you have time for a coffee and chat. It would be my pleasure to meet you.


NoellieBellie said...

Hey Carmen! A Romanian at IESE! Awesome. And welcome. So I guess you know I spent last summer there... I had a fantastic time. Depending on my work visa (gulp!) I´ll be back sometime in October and I´d love to meet for coffee. Good luck with the move and if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask!

Carmen said...

Hey Noelle, YES a Romanian at IESE! I've read about your posts about Romania and seen the fabulous pictures! I'm so glad you had a great time there. Have a wonderful time in Peru and the rest of your trip. See you in October.

Den said...

Hey, Noelle!
My name is Denis, I’m from Russia (and as you guess, I have an ambition to apply to IESE:) ).
I have read your notes a few months but never write to you. Thank you for your interesting stories and thoughts. As said Romanian lady it’s like traveling along :) Well, in Russia the 1st August is almost done and I’m sure that I’m not a single who is waiting for your sequel :)

Anonymous said...

Glad your back on line. Looking forward to hearing the stories of your adventures in South America.