Thursday, August 23, 2007

August 23, 2005

Perhaps it's a bit of last night's whiskey still burning in my veins, and maybe it's something about being home in San Diego for the first time in a year, but I'm feeling rather nostalgic at the moment. I was looking back at some old posts on the blog and thinking that it was right around this time that I arrived in Barcelona two years ago. And then I realized... it was actually on this very date, August 23, that Nicole and I landed in BCN and I met Marco and George for the first time. Well, we met George first, because Marco was sleeping off a night similar to the one I had last night.

Anyway I remember wondering as I settled into my room that day and started unpacking what life might bring in the next two years. I was certainly a bit nervous, definitely knew I would miss some people back home, and absolutely oblivious to just how difficult the first year of school would be... and that's probably for the best, or I wouldn't have done it at all! But now, with two years of memories (some better than others) and a couple hundred friends from all over the world, I'm of course very happy that I did it. I wouldn't trade these two years for all the tea in China. And anyway, what would I do with all that tea?

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George said...

And for all the manzanilla of "el corte ingles"?