Thursday, August 02, 2007

Watch Joost!!!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of my recent trip through southern Peru with Benj, Anders & Quentin, it's time for a little cross-promotion.

I have been asked to lend my multimedia mania and my blogging skills to the all new JOOST BLOG, and I'd appreciate it if you'd check it out. So far I'm just at post #1, but I'll be updating it regularly, and I promise it'll be good!

But not only will the blog be good, so will Joost itself. If you've never heard of this cool new internet-based TV application, it's time to jump on the bandwagon because it's pretty amazing. It's straight-forward and user-friendly and will be even more so when the blog kicks off, since the idea of the whole thing is to help people navigate their way through all Joost has to offer. And just like with my regular blog, you'll be able to make comments and provide feedback, so if there is a particular program that you'd like to bring to my attention and make sure everyone sees, you can easily let us all know! Pretty cool, huh?

So check it out. And thanks in advance for reading and watching!


JP said...

Werdelin?? who's wederlin? It strangely remembers some fantastic character of a fantasia movie.. "Wederlin and the seven ugly dwarfs", or "The christmas of wederlin and the killer pumpkin!"

Maybe wederlin is just your name in disguise, like an anagram or in code.. mistery..



NoellieBellie said...

Hahaha if you figure it out, you'll be some sort of telepathic genius. Don't worry, everything else should be from good old NoellieBellie!