Friday, August 10, 2007

Blog on Vacation: Argentina & Uruguay

So the blog is resting right now... sorry. I know, I still haven't updated anything about Cuzco, Machu Picchu, the crazy antics that ensued at Aguas Calientes (what a misnomer, by the way) or my violent illness that prevented me from joining Benj & Anders on the trek.

But that's because I'm now in Uruguay with my parents and my sister, having arrived yesterday from Argentina. We've been kinda busy sightseeing and gorging ourselves on steak and wine. But I've been taking plenty of pictures, and there are lots of stories to tell, so I promise to update at some point.

I've also been occupying myself with the Joost Blog and so if you're really having withdrawal, you can go there for some fresh entertainment. Actually, I'd appreciate it if you would!


Ricardo Fernandez said...

Dont forget to tell us if you come to Rio de Janeiro!!!
If so , please let us know via ASW!
or my email at the iese forum

Ricardo Fernandez

NoellieBellie said...

I would love to come to Rio, but unfortunately some governmental sparring has led to a requirement that all Americans going to Brazil get a visa... which takes a loooong time. But I will definitely be there soon. I'm dying to see your city!

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