Friday, August 17, 2007

Farewell BA, Hello Lima!

Hard to believe, but my two-week family vacation in Argentina and Uruguay is coming to an end, and in 24 hours I'll be on a flight back to Lima, where I'll spend the weekend before heading home to San Diego. What can I say ... Argentina and Uruguay are awesome (even if I've still only managed to see little parts of each) and I'm certainly planning to come back.

What have I learned on my trip?
1. I LOVE SOUTH AMERICA. I want to live here! If my company decided to post me in Buenos Aires for a while, I would definitely not complain.
2. Uruguay is THE most underrated country on earth. What a little gem! I'm sure they do this on purpose. They don't want everyone coming to their cool little place. We should have done the same with San Diego... instead everyone bragged about how great it was and there is too much traffic.
3. Meat is good. In general. And down here in particular. If you're a vegetarian and you come here, I'd suggest just closing your eyes and chewing for the extent of your visit. It's too good to miss.
4. Winter is cold here. Very cold. I should have gone skiing.
5. But it's warm in the jungle! Our trip to the Iguazu Falls was like a vacation from our vacation. And it was brilliant. Definitely a bit overcrowded in places, but the second morning we got up really early and had almost the whole of Isla San Martin all to ourselves. I was tempted to strip down and jump around like a native but I resisted.
6. Family trips are the best. As long as your family is cool... I guess I'm lucky.

Photos and more to come.

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