Sunday, November 18, 2007

Transformers on the Prowl

Having spent my last two birthdays with my Calatrava flatmates (even though they were in NYC last year for my birthday) I decided I didn't want to do anything any different this year. I need my guapos around me for my birthday.

So I sent an email to some of the usual suspects a couple months ago, knowing how quickly schedules fill up now that we're no longer students and all living in different countries. The executive leisure committee made a quick decision and Munich was chosen as our destination. Fine by me, since despite spending hours upon hours in Munich airport, I've never actually seen the city.

Frenchy and I booked our tickets last week and I sent George a message on Skype to let him know. Here follows the conversation, proof that even after living together for two years, and then apart for six months, you can still have a good old Calatrava-style miscommunication.

[13:10:40]Noelle says: finally i bought my tix for munich :)
[13:11:45] George Kuruvilla says: yeah!
[13:11:55] George Kuruvilla says: so at what time do u land in Zermany?
[13:12:01] Noelle says: on thursday
[13:12:04] Noelle says: 13.45
[13:12:06] Noelle says: :)
[13:12:13] Noelle says: we leave sunday at 16.20
[13:12:19] Noelle says: so an hour and a half before you :(
[13:12:23] Noelle says: but it was the best we could do
[13:13:34] George Kuruvilla says: vale venga
[13:13:49] George Kuruvilla says: i will instruct quentin too hook up girls for me in advance on thurs evening then
[13:14:24] Noelle says: yes, we will be on the prowl ;)
[13:15:59] George Kuruvilla says: prowl?
[13:16:02] George Kuruvilla says: what's that?
[13:16:13] Noelle says: hmm
[13:16:17] Noelle says: what cats do
[13:16:19] Noelle says: when they are hunting
[13:16:34] George Kuruvilla says: if u google it i find robot images
[13:16:39] Noelle says: ?
[13:16:44] Noelle says: really???
[13:16:54] George Kuruvilla says:
[13:17:16] Noelle says: it´s true! me too!
[13:17:21] George Kuruvilla says: :)
[13:17:26] Noelle says: transformers
[13:17:40] George Kuruvilla says: ah ok so u will be two transformers
[13:17:43] Noelle says: yes
[13:17:46] Noelle says: we will be transformers
[13:17:48] George Kuruvilla says: i will come dressed up like power rangers
[13:17:52] Noelle says: this is how confusion starts

I promise photos of us dressed up like Transformers and Power Rangers at the Christmas Market in Munich will follow in about 3 weeks...

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