Sunday, November 25, 2007

Very Thankful Indeed

Despite the fact that I didn't have Thursday or Friday off from work, I celebrated Thanksgiving nonetheless (not once but twice!) with a dinner on Thursday night at Calatrava and the annual IESE Thanksgiving on Saturday. No MC-ing or singing this year, just gorging and drinking... and that's just fine, thanks!

I'm extremely thankful for the following:

- My family, with whom I wish I could have spent this weekend.
- Barcelona, which was just so sunny and awesome and perfect today.
- My cool little flat with the incredible view all the way to the water on one side and Tibidabo on the other.
- Calatrava.
- My moto! I love you moto!
- My health, which, despite a few instances of food poisoning, has been remarkably good this year.
- Soccer. I will always be thankful for soccer.
- France, for the production of Frenchies. (Yes, a very un-American sentiment on a very American holiday weekend. I know.)
- Ski season, which is just around the corner.
- Grieg's 1st Piano Concerto, which I'm listening to right now and which just makes me so AMPED. Particularly the 3rd movement.
- Friends who know how to cook turkey.
- A pretty dope job and cool people to work with.
- 80s music, which gets me amped when I'm not listening to Grieg. Like this old Prince song, "When You Were Mine" that just came on! YESSSSSS.
- Having nearly made it to another birthday. I'm getting old!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carlos said...

I would like to thank you too :P

NoellieBellie said...

Gracias a tí también, Carlos!