Monday, May 05, 2008

Back to the Scene of the Crime

One year later, 100 or so IESE 2007 grads and their partners converged on Barcelona for a weekend of fun, sun, wine, party, and catch-up. We started with some beach time for those who were able to arrive during the day on Thursday, and then the old Calatrava gang and friends got together for dinner at Vinateria del Call in the barrio gotico.

Friday we had a lunchtime paella at Barceloneta and caught up with IESE-ans all along the beachfront en route to Bogatell. After a quick nap, it was time for a sushi dinner and a party at Universal, an old IESE haunt. Saturday morning after Universal is always a little rough, so we got ourselves back on track with some tapas in Gracia and headed up to IESE for catch buses that took us to the Roqueta vineyard. It's always good to have someone in your class who has a vineyard so you can plan cool dinners there. After a great tour of the vineyard and an even greater dinner (we were all starving by the time dinner arrived) we headed back to Barcelona and off to Opium and Sutton... once our home away from home.

Barcelona is a great town, but it's not the same with everyone scattered all over the globe. It was so great to be able to walk around town and bump into friends all over the place, just like our IESE days. But as with everything, there's always an end point and Sunday came all too soon. Monday morning found me a little worse for the wear as I got ready for work, and definitely missing my friends. Back to reality. But at least summer is on it's way and that means time to travel!


Anonymous said...

Hey Noelle,

You have a great blog...I enjoy reading it and lerning about IESE. I just got accepted last week and I was hoping you could send me your contact info so I could email you some questions or chat with you about your experinces. I, too, am from California and obviously have a big decision to make.

Thanks for your help.


NoellieBellie said...

Hey Neal,

Really psyched to learn you've decided on IESE. Glad I was able to help out! See you this summer! :)