Friday, May 16, 2008

Revenge of the French Press

A couple of weeks ago, Frenchy said gallantly, "Sweetie, I'll make coffee for you this morning!" Which I, of course, thought was fantastic. I got up, showered, and was drying my hair, when I thought... Hmmm coffee should be ready by now...

I went out to the kitchen and, indeed, there was that great coffee smell in the air, and Frenchy was checking his emails, so I figured everything was under control and went back to drying my hair. A few minutes later I thought, geez it never takes this long to make coffee. And this time, when I went to the kitchen, the nice coffee smell had mingled with an awful burning smell.

And at precisely that moment, Frenchy went from complete focus on his laptop to a look of shock as he realized he had put the coffee on far too long ago. We both went to the stove and realized the burning smell was worse than ever, overtaking the whole apartment. While I opened all the windows, Frenchy checked out the coffee maker and finally said, "Um. I forgot to put water in." He showed me what was left of the rubber piece that seals the two parts of the machiatto. "Sorry sweetie, no coffee this morning." Poor Frenchy, he really tried. So I had coffee at work, no big deal. And when I got home, there was a brand new coffee maker in the kitchen. He's a doll.

Last week, another gallant attempt. "I promise I'll put in water this time!" And so he did. And we laughed about it. A few minutes later, the coffee maker was making its familiar gurgling noise, signifying the top should be full off morning crack, I mean coffee, goodness. But every time we lifted the lid, no coffee. Frenchy was puzzled. Steam whistled out of the top of the coffee maker. "It's like the coffee is magically turning into steam!"

So I looked around. Clearly he had put water in. But there was no sign of coffee anywhere on the counter... But what WAS on the counter was the little funnel where you're supposed to put the coffee in the coffee maker. Frenchy said, "I think I need a coffee before I can make coffee."

I spent Monday night in London to take some meetings early Tuesday. Tuesday morning I received an email on my blackberry titled "Unbelievable!" Frenchy had remembered to put both the coffee AND the water in the coffee maker! And turned on the stove. So I guess the problem is me...

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