Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gay Pareeee

So my cold from Sunday hasn´t gotten much better... au contraire. Now, not only can I not hear anything or breathe through my nose, I can´t speak either! If I had superhuman vision, I´d be okay with losing all my other senses, but unfortunately I´m blind as a bat so that doesn´t really make up for anything.

And meanwhile, the rain in Barcelona stopped for two days and has now returned with a vengeance. The reports say it won´t let up until the end of the month, and that´s as good a reason as any to get outta here. So Frenchy and I are headed to Paris this afternoon. Two of his friends are getting married tomorrow. Yes, that´s Friday. I told my boss the other day, "Only French people would get married on a Friday." And he said, "No Spanish people do too. Otherwise if you have your wedding on the weekend people might miss it because they go out of town." Right.

The forecast for Paris says sun through tomorrow (good for the wedding!) and rain Saturday and Sunday (bad for the weekend!) so at least I can temporarily escape this Barcelona monsoon and pretend to be on holiday somewhere for a day and a half.

Oh and did I mention they´re throwing a transit strike in Paris today? They hold those EVERY day of the week in Paris! :)

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