Monday, May 26, 2008

Post #401: Back from France

So I tried with all my might to leave my annoying illness in France with the Frenchies over the weekend, but alas, it came back to Barcelona with me. And over the course of the weekend, I lost and regained my voice a few times, managed to breathe through my nostrils again and then lose that very unappreciated ability, and develop a rather nasty cough. All while trying to speak French. Whew! No wonder I'm exhausted.

And tonight Frenchy called his parents to say hello and found out that his father has now lost his voice. Whoops. Bad enough I'm American... I had to go around spreading my germs all over Paris! Note to self: bad idea to get your boyfriend's parents sick. Try not to do this again.

In other news, at least the weather was pretty good! Meanwhile, here in Barcelona it apparently rained nonstop. I'm looking forward to summer actually starting...

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Sidharta said...

Hey ho!

I have to admint that I've been keeping track of your blog for over 9 months now, from the moment I moved to BCN to start my MBA too, till now that I started working and dont want to leave this city.

I identify myself with some of your posts, the overall blog helped me specially at the beginning as I was fresh in town.

Now, I just wanted to drop these lines and say a hearthwarm hi, and maybe even invite you to check my blog yourself

I hope I would read from you =D