Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm just back from about THE most non-IESE weekend I possibly could have had. Friday evening after the first leg of my Spanish exams (the second is tomorrow afternoon) I headed off to Girona airport to catch my Ryanair flight to Dublin. Leaving sunny Spain for rainy Dublin was a questionable decision, but now that I've returned, I know it was probably the best way I could have spent the weekend. I got tons of sleep, hung out with lots of babies (a birthday party for a friend's two year old on Saturday and then staying with my old friends Liza and Declan and their two young 'uns Saturday night) and very little alcohol. I had time to read cases on the plane, studied a bit for my Spanish test at Liza and Dec's cool country house outside of Dublin this afternoon, and had killer Irish breakfast both days. What more could you want?

Sunshine! And believe it or not, we had it! Okay, today it poured all day, but yesterday was sunny and warm and all the pasty Irish people stripped down to their t-shirts to enjoy "summer." The Liffey and Grafton Road were packed with tourists and Stephen's Green was as beautiful as I've ever seen it. What a perfect way to recharge the batteries.

Of course, now it's nearly 1am and I have a full day of classes ahead: Corporate Finance, Economics, Operations, and that pesky Spanish exam. Followed by two and a half similarly over-stuffed days and then a flight on Thursday to Paris for the MBA Olympics. I guess I'll sleep more when I'm dead.

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Anonymous said...

Good plan....sleep when you're dead. Why waste good times sleeping when you're alive?

But a good night's sleep sure feels good, and if you do it when you're alive, you get to wake up and enjoy a rested body.

Difficult choices.