Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's that time again!

Yessiree, that's right. MIDTERMS! My favorite!

We have our first exam tomorrow afternoon, which is exactly why I'm now writing the blog and listening to "It's My Life" by Talk Talk rather than studying! Makes perfect sense, don't you think?

Well, to be fair to myself, I have spent the last four hours reviewing for tomorrow's final exam (yes, a final thrown in for good measure) and one of Thursday's midterms. And in a few minutes I'll head out for a little jog to clear the ol' head and then I'll review some extremely exciting corporate finance.

Tomorrow will be an arduous day, I'm afraid. You see, somehow an additional exam was added to the schedule in the last couple of weeks. So tomorrow we have three classes as usual - Corporate Finance, Leading Organizations (which is quickly becoming my favorite class, if only for the sheer entertainment value), and Quantitative Methods - and THEN a two hour final exam for our class about IT implementation! How exactly this test-after-class-all-day idea came to being, I don't know, but complaining won't change anything so we've all just resigned ourselves to the additional stress and exhaustion.

Thursday we have midterms in Competitive Strategy and Operations Strategy (another favorite of mine because it turns out that, deep down inside I am, in fact, a nerd) and Friday brings the glory of Global Economics and Corporate Finance midterms. Phenomenal! As usual, I have my eyes on the prize: Friday at 5pm, when we will be drinking our customary post-exam beers in the sunshine on the lawn.

The beautiful thing about this term is that we have very few final exams. So as Juan assured us over lunch today, this week is probably the worst of it. In half of the classes we will have papers and group projects due in lieu of finals, which are much less stressful for some reason. And after the midterms, we have the MBA Olympics to look forward to! Bring it on!


-tvu said...

Ahh...the fun continues.

Anonymous said...

Poppy here: Just read your blog and think you are having the time of your life. I was lucky to get to San SUISY PARK. Have a good time.


NoellieBellie said...

Hahahaha, thanks Poppy!

Well, the exams (and feeling retarded) aren't so fun, but the rest isn't too bad!