Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday confusion and class selection

After a long day of classes and a Spanish exam, I got home around 5:30 and sat down at my desk to get some work done. Unfortunately, as seems to be the case every day this term, I was distracted by EVERYTHING. I needed a cup of tea. Then a bottle of water. Then I had to check my email of course. Then I saw an email from our class reps with 2nd year class information and realized I should probably try to finalize my schedule choices for next year.

I had it all figured out, even though three classes I'm interested in directly conflict, until I looked at the feedback from the 2nd year students. One of the classes I'd picked was completely panned by every single student! Horrified, I crossed it off my list and then spent the next hour trying to find something with which to replace it. I now have some semblance of a schedule - and actually a pretty cool one, if I get all the classes I want - and it's nearly nine and the only other thing I've accomplished has been preparing tomorrow's Corporate Finance case about Telefonica's dividend policy. Hooray for me. Now I think I'll go running. Anything to avoid the next case for economics class about Argentina. It's actually two cases. Two. Long. Cases.

The last two weekends of intense travel have really taken it out of me, so hopefully Argentina will prove to be a breeze and I'll be in bed soon. I'm still not sure how exactly 9pm arrived so fast. It's so confusing when it stays light out till almost 10!

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